Shop Dog Diaries: Santa Paws Is Coming to Town (But There’s Time for Last-Minute Gifts!)

Hey there! It is us, the shop dogs of Parnassus Books, and we are ready to do some celebrating around here. Hope you are not too stressed, what with the whole one-week-less-to-get-your-shopping-done thing we have heard about. What’s that? You feel like you need to pet a dog? We are here! You need some last-minute gifts, too? We can help.

If you are like the shop people and use the Internet, you can go to there right now and order a gift subscription to the First Editions Club or ParnassusNext box. And after you purchase the membership online, you’re all set! All the gift recipient has to do is check their mailbox every month, for the gift of a brand-new signed book. Perfect for book lovers! Just click here to set it up. It’s fast! And you’ll be giving the gift of great reading in 2020. Reward your smart time management with pet snuggles and singing carols like no one’s watching.
Arguably the best thing about audiobooks is that they leave BOTH hands free for belly rubs, snack-giving and assorted pats. The best thing about is that not only do you get a great selection and an easy-to-use audiobook app (just like that other one), subscriptions are DRM-free and support indie bookstores (unlike that other one). If you’re trying to give less “stuff” this year, audiobooks are a great way to send a great gift with no packaging! You may have heard that Sparky’s mom, Ann Patchett, wrote a book this year called The Dutch House — and the audiobook is narrated by Tom Hanks! Speaking of Sparky’s mom, she’s a bookstore champion, of course. Click here for a quick and easy (and clutter-free) present!

If you live near us in Nashville, scoot on by the store and get those last few stocking-stuffer type gifts taken care of. You can get a Parnassus Books gift card in any amount — or order online and email a gift certificate right to your recipient! (Make sure that you specify “send to email address” in the comments field of the order form.) There are also, in addition to books, plenty of gifty items you can pick up while you’re here. For example…

Who doesn’t love a good pencil? Ours are classic yellow No. 2 and made right here in Tennessee! We’ve also got pencil cases and cute zipper pouches to keep your implements safe and at the ready.
Don’t sweat the small stuff! We’ve got miniature wreaths, tinsel trees and the classic Christmas cactus!
Trim your full-size tree with some great Nashville-themed ornaments!
Got a music lover in your life who’s also a reader? In addition to our music book recommendations, the Oxford American’s music issue makes a great gift — comes with a CD!
Human-shaped creatures can wear these! Of course we are excited about the new shop dog T-shirts — here’s head shop dog Opie — and now there are also zip-up hoodie sweatshirts for keeping toasty while curled up with a book or a pet (or both) this winter.
The shop people want us to tell you not to try to set these one fire. We do not know why you would try to set a nice pillow on fire, but now we’ve told you. Also that is very soft bark.
Bookseller Sissy says: “Do you have a book-lover on your list who has read EVERYTHING? They want a Lumio lamp, trust me.” Trust her! We also have bookplates and handy list-making notepads to help stay organized. Light it up!

Finally, we’d like to bark a sincere “Happy Holidays!” to everyone who comes to visit the store. Whether you’re coming from across town or across the globe, we are so grateful that we get to come to work and meet such wonderful book-loving people. We wish you nothing but joy and peace. Thank you!

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