Notes from Ann: The Hard Sells of Summer

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Karl and I went to Norway back in May. Ever the intrepid reporter, I was writing a piece for Conde Nast Traveler (it will be in the August issue), and I brought what I hoped would be the right number of books, but it didn’t work out. I ran out just before we left Oslo, and so Karl and I found a bookstore where I could get something to read on the plane. Read the rest of this entry »

Patrick Ryan Nails the Tricky Ending (and Tells Ann Patchett All About It)

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Patrick Ryan and I met in Italy in 1999 and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. What more do you need to know? He’s the brother I always wanted. Given the circumstances of our friendship (part of this book was written in my house), our regular author interviewer and Musing editor Mary Laura Philpott decided to take the day off and let me drive the interview bus. Here are the results of that conversation. – Ann Patchett Read the rest of this entry »

From First Word to Final Edit: How Author and Editor Bring a Book to Life

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Everyone interested in the process of how a book makes it from a writer’s imagination to the light of day in a bookstore, listen up: John Gregory Brown, author of the new novel A Thousand Miles from Nowhere, and editor Lee Boudreaux will visit Nashville together this week to discuss how they worked together to bring out the best in Brown’s new story. Read the rest of this entry »

Modern Family: Real Life on the Road with Emma Straub

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Two years ago, Nashvillians met novelist Emma Straub during her stint here as a visiting writer at Vanderbilt. Having read early copies of her soon-to-be-breakout bestseller, The Vacationers, we at the bookstore didn’t think we could love the author of this book more — that is, until we got to know Straub and her delightful family. The Straubs went back to New York despite our pleas to stay in Nashville forever; but now Emma’s coming back for a visit, this time with another story (again, a bestseller), the tale of college friends all grown-up and navigating adulthood, Modern Lovers. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Celebrations! A Scavenger Hunt, Shop Dogs’ Birthday Party, and Harry Potter Pre-Orders

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Score shop dog buttons and more in this summer’s scavenger hunt!

We, the shop dogs of Parnassus Books, are running the store this month and would like to invite you to join us for a game! It’s kind of like fetch, but a little different.  Read the rest of this entry »

Monsters and Mankind at War in Victoria Schwab’s Vivid Imagination

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A New York Times-bestselling author, Nashville native, and world traveler who roams the globe to research, write, and promote her books, Victoria Schwab is currently in a phase of her career one might describe as “on fire.” With 11 books under her belt — a mix of adult fantasy, YA, and middle-grade fiction — she seems to have an endless imaginative well from which to draw inspiration. Dark themes abound in her work, perhaps more so than ever in her new novel, This Savage Song.
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How Do You Pick the 75 Best Books of the Past 75 Years?

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When Parade asked Ann Patchett to make a list of the best 75 books of the past 75 years to celebrate the magazine’s 75th anniversary, she initially responded, No way. Why? Because, she says, “I could picture the mountains of furious letters . . . about all the great works of literature I’d left off.” Read the rest of this entry »