Shop Dog Diaries: What’s New?


Hello, friends! We, the shop dogs of Parnassus Books, have some updates for you. It seems that while we were out back on the grassy spot behind the store, toasting our bellies in the summer sun, some changes happened in the shop. Here’s a report:

New Addition Above the Music Section


Apparently this guitar’s name is “No, Bear” or maybe “Not For Dogs” or “Don’t Touch” or “No Licking.” And for some reason the shop people placed it way up high where we can’t reach it. Weird. Anyway, if you’re looking for our music section (this being Nashville, you know we have a great music section), just aim your gaze skyward and look for the colorful Fender “Splattercaster.”

This fancy, custom-painted number comes to us courtesy of our friends at Fanny’s House of Music. Fanny’s now has a cool selection of music books in their store also. (The guitar is for sale, of course. If you’re interested in learning more, drop us a line at, call 615.952.2243, or stop by.)

Here’s Opie’s person, Andy, testing it out:


 * * *

Romance In the Air (Well… On The Shelves)


Shop dog Frankie asked shop person Kevin, “What is ‘Romance’?” and Kevin said we would talk about it later. So whatever it is, it’s not for puppies. If you’re a romance lover — or want to broaden your horizons in this genre — come check out our selections. Are there favorite authors you’d suggest we carry? Let us know! The shop people have been impressed with the diversity of offerings in this thriving segment of the book market. The New York Times recently added a book critic to cover Romance, too.

 * * *

Family and Parenting Section

Turns out, keeping “families and feelings” books in the kids’ section while having parenting books in the adult section was kind of confusing. We know how it feels to be confused. (Why is barking OK sometimes and not OK other times?) So we think it was wise to move all the books on these topics to one combined section. You’ll now find this combined section on a shelf just inside the board-book room where the mural is.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.57.40 PM.png

 * * *

New Shop Dog

What is this guy’s deal?


We’ve been asked to welcome him warmly, but can we just point out that no matter how friendly we are, he remains stone-faced? Sparky and Mary Todd Lincoln both offered him biscuits, and he just left the snacks sitting on the floor. Here’s Lewis trying to make friends.


Opie and Andy named him Barney. We’re still waiting to find out what he likes to read. Everyone takes a little time to warm up, we guess.

 * * *

New Booksellers

Meet the newest shop people: Joy and Courtney! We’ve sniffed their shoes and determined that they’re both smart, kind, and full of great ideas about what you’ll enjoy reading. Joy’s a word-lover, a longtime bookstore regular, and a true joy; and you probably recognize Courtney Stevens, a beloved local YA author, from her book events here at Parnassus. We’re so happy to have them on board.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 1.27.39 PM

Speaking of new booksellers: could that be you? Karen says we’re hiring for full-time and part-time children’s booksellers with relevant experience and expertise. Must love dogs. (<- We added that part.) See the job requirements and applications instructions here.

And last: you might notice that this site looks a little different. Musing got a refresh! We hope you’ll find it easy on the eyes — and tell all your friends to subscribe so they’ll get exclusive author interviews, book excerpts, Ann Patchett’s blog, bookseller-curated reading lists, and this, our canine column.

Meanwhile, we remain faithfully yours —
Sparky, Opie, Bear, Mary Todd Lincoln, Frankie, and Lewis
(Fine. Barney, too.)