You Might Find Waldo, But Can You Spot the Shop Dogs?


It’s that time of year again: Where’s Waldo season! Each July, kids come into Parnassus to start their Green Hills neighborhood scavenger hunt for that little guy in stripes. And we canines are prepared. In fact, we decided to get into the spirit by hiding all around the shop. Well, all of us except Opie. He doesn’t quite get it. Here, take a look . . .

sparky piano
Sparky hopped right up and stood by the piano keys. That’s one way for a black and white dog to blend in.
sparky sloth
Then he climbed up to the top of our children’s section entrance and took the place of our stuffed sloth, whose name is also Sparky. (A bit of a show-off move, but you know Sparky. He’s kind of a ham.)
bear table
Bear went to his favorite hiding spot under the new releases. He’s so quiet, no one even knows he’s down there unless they peek under the table.
belle hiding 1
Nice work, Belle! We almost didn’t see you there.
belle hiding 2
Belle is the color of cardboard, so she’s camouflaged by the boxes of books in the storeroom. She really gets this game.
Can you spot work-at-home shop dog Eleanor Roosevelt in this photo?
Can you spot work-at-home shop dog Eleanor Roosevelt in this photo from her den?
Let me give you a hint . . . See that little beagle nose?
Hint: Look for the little beagle snout.
Opie! That's not how this works! You can't just . . . lie there, out in the open.
Opie! It isn’t . . . you can’t . . . that’s not . . . how this works. You can’t just lie there — like, out in the open.
belle helps
Belle does some research to help Opie understand the game.
Here, Opie -- study these. See how Momo does it?
Look, Opie. See how Momo does it? Just like Waldo, but a dog. We’re dogs, too. We can do this.
Belle, can you help Opie? Hide him under a blanket or something.
Opie still doesn’t quite grasp the concept. Belle helps by tossing a blanket over him. This will just have to do.

* * *

waldo timeNow that you’ve had some practice searching for shop dogs, you’re ready to look for Waldo (and his pooch, Woof)!

The FIND WALDO LOCAL hunt begins July 1, and children are invited to come to Parnassus to get their official Waldo Passports anytime throughout the month. Kids can take their passports to more than 25 participating Green Hills businesses to get official stamps and signatures. Once they’ve collected at least 10 different signatures or stamps, they can show their passport at Parnassus Books to claim a special prize button and a $1 off coupon. If they collect at least 20 different signatures or stamps, they can bring their passport back to Parnassus to get a button and a coupon, AND they’ll be entered into a drawing to win a deluxe set of Waldo books and other awesome prizes! Everyone’s invited back on Friday, July 31, at 3 p.m. for the big FIND WALDO celebration, where we’ll hold the grand prize drawings and have tasty refreshments and fun activities. A real live Waldo will even stop by to pose for pictures!

(Fine print: Coupons are limited to the first 100 Waldo spotters. Parnassus Books encourages readers of all ages to participate in Find Waldo; but buttons, coupons, and prize drawing eligibility are limited to children ages 14 and under. Limit one entry per participant.)

Check our website for more details, or just stop by anytime!