Read, Sleep, Repeat: 16 Reads for the Young & Young at Heart

A new month means a fresh batch of books for readers of all ages! This month we have you covered if you’re looking for new books to read at bedtime, or perhaps the upcoming Valentine’s Day has you in the mood for a rom-com. Whatever the age and whatever the feeling, our booksellers have picked out their favorites to share with you this month.

Recommended by Chelsea

Sleepy Sheepy By Lucy Ruth Cummins, Pete Oswald (Illustrator) Cover ImageSleepy Sheepy

By Lucy Ruth CumminsPete Oswald (Illustrator)

Sleepy Sheepy is NOT ready for bed, despite what his name may suggest! With rhyming text and adorable illustrations, readers will love reading about Sheepy’s antics before bedtime. Add this to your read-aloud bedtime books!

Recommended by Aly

Beneath By Cori Doerrfeld Cover ImageBeneath

This beautifully illustrated book shows us that underneath everything we see, there is something we do not. This is just as true with people as it is with the forest.

Recommended by Chelsea

Mister Kitty Is Lost! By Greg Pizzoli Cover ImageMister Kitty Is Lost!

Can you help find Mister Kitty? A child and a dog look for Mister Kitty with fun cutouts and colorful counting prompts, and readers will love the twist at the end! Greg Pizzoli delights again with fantastic illustrations and humor.

Recommended by Rae Ann

Nell Plants a Tree By Anne Wynter, Daniel Miyares (Illustrator) Cover ImageNell Plants a Tree

By Anne WynterDaniel Miyares (Illustrator)

Nell plants a tree and it grows into a base for games, a spot for reading, and a place for generations to gather. This beautiful picture book celebrates extended families and the delight of spending time together.

Recommended by Ann

How Do Meerkats Order Pizza?: Wild Facts about Animals and the Scientists Who Study Them By Brooke Barker, Brooke Barker (Illustrator) Cover ImageHow Do Meerkats Order Pizza?: Wild Facts about Animals and the Scientists Who Study Them

This book is fact-filled, fun-filled, and completely empowering. I think it’s a winner for all ages.

Recommended by Aly

What Happened to Rachel Riley? By Claire Swinarski Cover ImageWhat Happened to Rachel Riley?

A new student is determined to use her podcast assignment to uncover why her formerly popular classmate suddenly has no friends. This wonderfully told story has mystery, laughs, and is a true testament to the power girls can have when they stand together. I couldn’t put it down.

Recommended by Ashby

The Lost Year: A Survival Story of the Ukrainian Famine By Katherine Marsh Cover ImageThe Lost Year: A Survival Story of the Ukrainian Famine

I had never heard about the Holodomor- the famine created by Soviet leaders that took millions of Ukrainian lives-and neither had Matthew who finds out when his 100-year-old grandmother moves in. This book makes you think about your identity and what you do when you are faced with evil and how you make the truth known.

Recommended by Rae Ann

The Davenports By Krystal Marquis Cover ImageThe Davenports

This YA romantic historical is the story of four young women working to define their own roles in 1910 Chicago. It’s a fun and fast-paced Bridgerton-esque read.

Recommended by Hannah

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute By Talia Hibbert Cover ImageHighly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute

This book is every bit as delightful and charming as its title. Tensions rise (and sparks fly!) when frenemy-rivals Celine and Brad find themselves in the wilderness, vying to win a grand prize. Hibbert’s signature wit and beloved charm carries over into her YA debut!

Recommended by Aly

Reggie and Delilah's Year of Falling By Elise Bryant Cover ImageReggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling

Fate puts Reggie and Delilah in each other’s paths on more than one occasion, but it is up to them to help each other figure out who they really want to be, as people and maybe as a couple? This adorable rom-com is also powerful with self-discovery and friendship.

Our ParnassusNext pick for February! Scroll to the bottom to read more.

Recommended by Rae Ann

One Last Shot: Based on a True Story of Wartime Heroism: The Story of Wartime Photographer Gerda Taro By Kip Wilson Cover ImageOne Last Shot: Based on a True Story of Wartime Heroism: The Story of Wartime Photographer Gerda Taro

Kip Wilson’s novel in verse about photojournalist Gerda Taro captures her passion for revealing truth through photography. It sweeps the reader from Gerda’s school days in Germany to the front lines in the Spanish Civil War. A compelling read.

Recommended by Jenny

The Stolen Heir: A Novel of Elfhame By Holly Black Cover ImageThe Stolen Heir: A Novel of Elfhame

The newest installment in the Elfhame world of Holly Black follows Wren, a girl trapped between the world of the Fae and the world of humans, becoming something else entirely. Forced to play in the twisted games of the Fae, Wren struggles between the will to survive, revenge, and the desires of heart. As always, when it comes to dark fantasy, Holly Black never disappoints!

Recommended by RJ

As You Walk On By By Julian Winters Cover ImageAs You Walk On By

As You Walk on By is a funny and heartfelt story of complex friendships, house party hijinks, and high school identity with a Breakfast Club-like ensemble cast readers will absolutely love.

Recommended by Rae Ann

Unseelie By Ivelisse Housman Cover ImageUnseelie

Twin sisters, one human and one a changeling, make unexpected allies after a heist goes wrong in this delightful fairy tale.

Sprout Book Club: February Selection

Once Upon a Book By Grace Lin, Kate Messner Cover ImageOnce Upon a Book

By Grace LinKate Messner

The February 2023 Sprout Book Club selection is Once Upon a Book by Grace Lin and Kate Messner. This is a book about the joy of reading. Alice imagines herself in the pages of her favorite stories. When invited, she dives into a book where she rides camels in the desert and swims under the sea. At the end of her journey, she returns to her favorite place, home. This is a beautiful tribute to the power of imagination.

Early praise for the book:

“A spellbinding ode to imagination and the transformative wonder of stories.” – Kirkus, starred review

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Spark Book Club: February Selection

Lasagna Means I Love You By Kate O'Shaughnessy Cover ImageLasagna Means I Love You

By Kate O’Shaughnessy

The February 2023 Spark Book Club selection is Lasagna Means I Love You by Kate O’Shaughnessy. This novel is told through letters, recipes, emails, and blog posts. It is the story of eleven-year-old Mo who finds herself in foster care. She needs a hobby, besides cheering for the New York Jets. When she stumbles upon a recipe book with another family’s recipes, Mo decides food may be the way to finding her own family. This sweet novel is full of heart and characters you will cheer for.

Early Sparks for the novel:

“Readers will laugh, cry, and embrace Mo completely as they rejoice at the wonderful twist that leads to a happy new beginning for her. Deeply moving and tender.” – Kirkus, starred review

“Mo’s pitch-perfect voice vividly portrays her metropolitan past life with her quirky, vibrant grandmother; her own messy and layered feelings; and her established and growing relationships with others. Watching Mo develop new bonds and begin to feel like she has a place in the world is extremely satisfying.” – Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

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ParnassusNext: February Selection

Reggie and Delilah's Year of Falling By Elise Bryant Cover ImageReggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling

By Elise Bryant

The February 2023 ParnassusNext selection is Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling by Elise Bryant. This fun rom com features a couple who are complete opposites. Delilah is the lead singer of a punk rock band and Reggie is a D & D Dungeon Master. They meet by chance on New Year’s Eve and go their separate ways. Each holiday they bump into each other again. It’s almost like the universe wants them to be together.

Early praise for the novel:

“Via inspirational self-discovery arcs with fated romance vibes, Bryant pens a tender tale prioritizing conversations on disability and tokenism.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A darling ballad for the shy and nerdy yearning to belong.” – Kirkus

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