Lucky 13: New Books for the Young and Young at Heart

It’s been a month (or so), and maybe you’ve got that whole school-homework-extracurriculars routine somewhat mostly under control. Well, that can only mean one thing: Now you know exactly how and when to carve out a little more just-for-fun reading time! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites for you — and don’t miss some kid-friendly events down at the end of this post!

Recommended by Rae Ann

The Scarecrow Cover ImageThe Scarecrow

Scary scarecrow steps out of his comfort zone to rescue a baby crow. Their differences don’t stand in the way of a new friendship that lasts through the seasons.

Recommended by Kay

I Thought I Saw a Bear! Cover ImageI Thought I Saw a Bear!

Each book in this series features cute critters and clever interactive elements. It’s a game of hide-and-seek you can carry with you anywhere!

Recommended by Chelsea

What Happens Next Cover ImageWhat Happens Next

Told in a striking narrative form, What Happens Next is an unexpectedly perfect back-to-school book and is especially important for kids who may feel like outsiders. The resolution between bullied and bully is hopeful, honest, and empathetic.

Recommended by Kay

Why? Cover ImageWhy?

The simple “Why?” can be one of the smallest questions, but also one of the biggest. This beautiful, simple story shows us that asking the question is always OK, but so is not always having the answer.

Recommended by Jackie

The Atlas of Fairy Tales Cover ImageThe Atlas of Fairy Tales

Each classic fairy tale is followed by a map the reader can use to trace the journey of the characters.

Recommended by Jackie

Spot & Dot Cover ImageSpot & Dot

There is so much to see in the black and white illustrations of this wordless picture book. Follow Spot the cat as she chases Dot the dog around the city and back home. Beautiful and intricate detailed illustrations encourage the reader to linger over each page.

Recommended by Jackie

When the Stars Come Out: Exploring the Magic and Mysteries of the Nighttime Cover ImageWhen the Stars Come Out: Exploring the Magic and Mysteries of the Nighttime

This is a fascinating look at the science, history, and folklore of the night. Interesting facts about the stars, the moon, animals and people at night, sleep, and night celebrations would be perfect to browse through at bedtime.

Recommended by Rae Ann

All the Impossible Things Cover ImageAll the Impossible Things

Red’s new family has their very own petting zoo with a dancing donkey and a giant tortoise. She doesn’t want them to know she can create storms with her emotions, but Red and her foster mother may have more in common than she thinks. This is a delightful novel with a sprinkle of magic.

Recommended by Devin

My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich Cover ImageMy Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich

Ebony-Grace has been uprooted from her sheltered life in Alabama to Harlem, New York. She is obsessed with all things space and NASA. Her imagination is bright and bold, and she retreats into her reality whenever she can, much to the disappointment of her family and friends, who try to bring her down to earth. The longer she spends in New York, the more she realizes that science exists in her everyday, but still maintaining her sense of wonder.

Recommended by Chelsea

The World Ends in April Cover ImageThe World Ends in April

Middle school can be hard enough, but Eleanor discovers that her best friend may be switching schools, a girl in gym class wishes her bodily harm, and an asteroid is headed straight for Earth. Bolstered by her doomsday prepper grandfather, she sets out to help her friends prepare for the end of the world as we know it. As the asteroid grows closer, Eleanor and the reader both learn what true friendship really means.

Recommended by Niki

Pablo and Birdy Cover ImagePablo and Birdy

This heartwarming novel about a boy, his bird, and his search for belonging is perfect for fans of Sharon Creech and Kate DiCamillo.

Recommended by Jackie

More to the Story Cover ImageMore to the Story

I loved this modern-day version of Little Women. Set in Atlanta, aspiring writer Jameela (Jo) navigates the beginning of seventh grade. Don’t be surprised if this story causes you to laugh and cry and feel like you are right there with Jameela and her sisters. This is perfect for fans of Little Women or contemporary realistic fiction, and also for young writers.

Recommended by Chelsea

House of Salt and Sorrows Cover ImageHouse of Salt and Sorrows

When Annaleigh’s sisters start dying one by one, rumors go around that her father’s manor house is cursed. Craig’s masterful atmosphere and plot twists make this such a fun read. It is the perfect blend of fairy tale and Gothic horror.

ParnassusNext — Our September Selection

Our September ParnassusNext selection,  by Printz Medal-winning and National Book Award finalist Laura Ruby is a stunning historical fantasy narrated by two girls, one living and one dead, trying to survive in WWII-era Chicago. The book will be officially released in October so ParnassusNext subscribers will get to read the book early in September!

Here is some early buzz for the novel:

“A numinous tale of love and restlessness and dark histories that rises like a tide till you’re up to your neck in its magic. My very favorite kind of read.” —Melissa Albert, New York Times bestselling author of The Hazel Wood

“A layered, empathetic examination of the ghosts inside all girls’ lives, full of historical realism and timeless feeling.” —Kirkus

“Ruby’s delicate, powerful storytelling reveals profound, bewitching truths about the vast, sometimes cruel, sometimes loving, possibilities of human nature. Subtle and stunning.” —Booklist (starred review)

When Frankie’s mother died and her father left her and her siblings at an orphanage in Chicago, she thought it was only supposed to be temporary—just long enough for him to get back on his feet be able to provide for them once again. That’s why she is not prepared for the day that he arrives for his weekend visit with a new woman on his arm and out-of-state train tickets in his pocket.

Now Frankie and her sister, Toni, are abandoned to the orphanage, two young unwanted women doing everything they can to survive. And as the embers of the Great Depression are kindled into the fires of World War II, and the shadows of injustice, poverty, and death walk the streets in broad daylight, it will be up to Frankie to find something worth holding on to in the ruins of this shattered America — every minute of every day spent wondering if the life she is able to carve out will be enough.

ParnassusNext is the book subscription box for YA lovers. Every member of ParnassusNext receives a first edition hardcover of each month’s selected book, signed by the author. There is no membership fee to join — and no line to stand in for the autograph. Not only will you have one of the best YA books of the month when it comes out, you’ll have it straight from the author’s hands, with an original, authentic signature! Set up a subscription for yourself or buy a gift membership for your favorite YA reader for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Join us for some of these great events coming up!

YA event with Helene Dunbar, author of We Are Lost and Found Friday, Sept. 6 at 6:30pm

YA event with Cora Carmack, author of Rage Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2pm, in conversation with Mark Oshiro

Victoria Schwab, author of Tunnel of Bones Sunday, Sept. 8 at 2pm, in conversation with Stephanie Appell

Cassie Stephens, author of Stitch and String Lab for Kids Sunday, Sept. 15 at 2pm

Salon@615 Special Edition with Rainbow Rowell, author of Wayward Son Friday, Sept. 27 at 6:15pm at Unity of Nashville