Decision ’19: Shop Dog Mayor

Nashvillians — at least those who didn’t vote early — are headed to the polls tomorrow to elect a new mayor.  (Or perhaps decide which two candidates will head to the run-off.) We at the bookstore have been closely watching a different race as well — the race to see which of our canine employees will be the Shop Dog Mayor of Parnassus!

Our election works a little different than the other one in town. All month, we’ve been asking people to “vote” by dropping a donation in the jar of their favorite shop dog. Whoever garners the most “votes” by the time the polls (aka the doors of the bookstore) close at 8pm on Aug, 1 will be declared Shop Dog Mayor. We will be giving all donations to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue.

You can read up on the candidates via their Shop Dog Diaries, or just peruse this handy guide below. Special shout-out to Alethea Hall, who designed all the campaign logos. And stop by and help decide the Shop Dog Mayor, while also supporting a great organization that’s working hard for our furry friends around Music City!


The elder statesman of the bookstore, Bear is the strong silent type. His leadership style is a mix of quiet gravity, patient forbearance, and lying down to rest often. So relatable! His policies may not always excite the base; he does wear a doggy diaper, after all. But you won’t meet a dog more loyal to his owner – he’s rarely far from Sissy’s side — and that means he’ll be loyal to you as well, dear voter.

Strengths: wisdom, Zen-like calm
Platform: naps for all

Mary Todd Lincoln

Detractors may say she spends too much time on her Best of Nashville-certified Instagram account, but Mary Todd Lincoln counters that her magnetism and photogenic presence are a boon to the bookstore’s social media presence. Hard to argue there. While she mostly keeps to the back office, MTL is always happy to entertain her adoring public when a visit is requested. If energy and enthusiasm (and fabulous hair) are what you’re looking for in a Shop Dog Mayor, look no further!

Strengths: youthful vigor, media savvy
Platform: doing heckin’ zooms


Not one to cede ground, Opie would like to remind voters that while Bear may be his elder in years, ol’ Opie Brennan is still head shop dog around these parts. That’s right: a natural leader who knows what it takes to be in charge. If that involves barking until Pete in receiving (or the delivery person, or anyone) gives him a treat, well, that’s known as perseverance — a quality the younger pups might do well to learn themselves. Just not with Pete or anyone else who has access to snacks. You can’t spell “hope” without “Ope.”

Strengths: leadership experience, strong work ethic
Platform: will stop barking if you give him a snack


No other dog in this race has better name recognition than Sparky Patchett. Given his extremely chill demeanor and down-to-earth personality, you’d never guess that he lives with a bestselling author, or that he appears on every single spread in the picture book Lambslide. Affable and easy-going, Sparky is arguably the shop dog most voters would like to have a beer with, though he does not partake himself. Probably the best-read of the candidate slate as well.

Strengths: high-level connections, strong personal brand
Platform: whatever’s clever

* * *

Don’t live in Nashville and still want to make a donation to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue? Just go to this link!