“Parnassus on Wings” – Announcing Our New Airport Store!


Barbecue, local brews, honky-tonk lounges, and live music — Nashville International Airport is practically a Music City destination unto itself. Now books enter the mix, as Parnassus Books and Hudson Group join forces to offer traveling book-lovers a uniquely Nashville experience. You’re looking at the first sneak-preview pictures of the Parnassus Books airport store!

“As someone who spends about a third of my life in the Nashville airport, I’ve had a lot of time to dream about a branch of Parnassus Books on the concourse,” says Parnassus co-owner Ann Patchett. “There are few things I hate as much as not having the right book for the plane. With Parnassus in the airport, no Nashville traveler will have to worry about not having something great to read.”

The airport store will offer readers a hand-picked collection of great books (and other fun book-ish things… like socks).

“The Nashville airport is already a welcoming hub full of local flavor,” adds co-owner Karen Hayes. “It makes perfect sense to extend that hometown vibe to the airport bookstore.” She notes that the store will be visually recognizable as an outpost of Parnassus Books, with friendly touches geared toward encouraging browsing. The airport store will be stocked with the latest fiction and nonfiction releases, a wide range of bestsellers and favorites, plus local and regional titles and staff recommendations.

“At BNA we always welcome the chance to offer the best features of the Nashville experience,” said Doug Kreulen, acting president and CEO of the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority. “With the addition of Parnassus Books, Hudson Group has connected with one of Music City’s best loved cultural and literary brands.”

In Hudson’s announcement, Joseph DiDomizio, CEO of Hudson Group and Division CEO of Dufry AG, said: “We’re thrilled to work with Ann Patchett, Karen Hayes, and their team to serve travelers at BNA in Nashville.”

Booksellers are now putting the finishing touches on the airport store, which is already welcoming travelers. The new store is part of Parnassus’ careful, local growth. In 2016, the main shop in Green Hills doubled its footprint to a still-intimate but more roomy size. Last year, Parnassus also rolled out a new bookmobile — the roving book-truck it calls Parnassus on Wheels.

“Think of the airport store as ‘Parnassus on Wings,’” Karen quips.

Ann chimes in: “Books and travel go together like suitcases and wheels.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 8.18.50 AM.png
Find the new co-branded Hudson location of Parnassus Books at the intersection of Concourses A and B in the Nashville International Airport.