Announcing Our New Service: Parnassus on Paws


In this day and age, you’ve got to get creative if you want to thrive in the bookselling world. That’s why we, the shop dogs of Parnassus Books, are pleased to unveil our latest innovative retail solution — a same-day book delivery service called Parnassus on Paws. Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at how it will work:

We’ll start every day by collecting orders from customers and getting our instructions from the shop-people.

Time to fetch the books, Belle!
FullSizeRender 148.jpg
Sparky, take the nice mug to the lady who ordered it!

We tried carrying the orders in our mouths, but the shop-people said we were getting them too slobbery. So we’ve invested in some fancy wearable book luggage.

Opie and Belle say: Load up, everybody! Those books aren’t going to deliver themselves.

Will all the shop dogs be part of the Parnassus on Paws furry fleet? Well, almost all.

IMG_0886 (1).jpg
No, Mary Todd Lincoln. That is not how it works.
Just fetch the book, Mary Todd Lincoln. Good girl.
Wait, where are you –? Come back.
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 2.33.10 PM.png
Not everyone is cut out for this job. It’s OK.

How will you know when your order is ready? We’ll sound the special notification howl.

Oh, you’ll know.

Then it’ll be time to set off and take the books to their new homes.

Here we come… Belle is going to make someone’s day!

Important: Canine couriers must get plenty of rest. We’ll need to take breaks every hour.

Life as a delivery dog is exhausting, but Bear can do it.

Need immediate delivery? We offer priority service! For urgent orders, we’ll dispatch our fastest runner (just ask the four lanes of Hillsboro Road traffic who watched her sprint across the street that time), book beagle Eleanor Roosevelt. She’ll be there in a flash.

FullSizeRender 147.jpg
Knock knock, book lovers.

We’re positive this new service will revolutionize the way you shop for books, just as soon as we get approval from our shop-people. Stay tuned.

Yours in business brilliance,
The shop dogs of Parnassus Books