The Shop Dogists: A Canine Book Review


We, the shop dogs of Parnassus Books, received an assignment from our people last week: to “read” (or sample with any of our other senses) a new book called The Dogist. You may have read about it. Based in New York City, photographer Elias Weiss Friedman snaps photos of dogs on walks, out to play, and at rest for his popular Instagram account of the same name. Now those dogs have their own book, full of 1,000 friendly faces like these:

dogist doggies
Street style. Not just for humans anymore.

Opie made sure we had plenty of copies in stock for everyone, and we got right to work.

opie books
Rules: One book per dog. Please keep the cover on. No eating the pages.

First, Belle evaluated the fragrance of the book. After several sniffs, she declared it smelled fine, if perhaps not as much like dogs as the cover image initially led her to believe.

belle dogist
Bonus points for fitting perfectly in Belle’s favorite chair.

Then Mary Todd Lincoln looked at the pictures. Friedman has captured dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments for the pages of The Dogist. MTL was particularly intrigued with the photo of a dapple-colored Dachshund in the “Puppies” chapter.

mtl dogist

Eleanor Roosevelt tasted the book once and then three more times, picking up on different flavors each time.

ER dogist
She detects a top note of earth, with an oaky finish.

Opie read the words, stopping to concentrate on a chapter called “Barkers,” which he found to be quite authentic.

opie dogist
Barking information appears to be solid.

Next, some of us did our best imitation of the cover pose.

belle dogist 2
Right foot forward!
er dogist 2
Someone’s not taking this task seriously.
Oh, very good!
Oh, very good!

Finally, we got together to discuss our impressions and come up with a review.

dog meeting
This meeting is called to order.

It’s unanimous: We give this book four paws, which is our highest rating. It smells nice and tastes OK, but most importantly, it makes us feel like we’re hanging out on the sidewalk with a bunch of new friends. We love it! Come visit us this Tuesday evening, and we’ll make sure you get a signed copy.

(photo by Jeff Dodsdon)
(photo by Jeff Dodsdon)


Book Signing with Elias Weiss Friedman

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015

6:30 p.m. at Parnassus Books

The Nashville Humane Association will be in the store for this event to answer your questions about pet adoptions.  We will also be collecting items to donate to the Humane Association.  You can view their wish list here.

Can’t be there in person? Order your signed copy ahead of time, and we’ll have it autographed for you! Just write “SIGNED” in the notes section at checkout.