Dr. Seuss Asks, Shop Dogs Answer: “What Pet Should I Get?”

puppy booty
Please join Sparky, Opie, Bear, Belle, and Eleanor Roosevelt in welcoming the newest addition to our shop dog workforce: Mary Todd Lincoln Coffman

We, the shop dogs of Parnassus Books, have something to say. Inspired by today’s new book release, we shall now speak our truth in the style of Dr. Seuss.*

We’re sick and we’re tired of publishing fuss.
There’s nothing that’s published that’s published for us.
Go Set a Watchman? That’s not what dogs need.
We want a book that a dog wants to read.
What Pet Should I Get? Now that got us thinking:
What pet would be best for Mary Todd Lincoln?
A pet that is slinky and likes to wear socks?
A pet that is lumpy and lives under rocks?
We thought it was best to let Opie decide
if the pet should have wings or a great yellow hide.
For shop dogs, this book was exciting and new:
we could be pets and could have a pet too!

seuss cover

Sparky decided he wanted a sheep
a pet that was quiet and likely to sleep.


A hedgehog for Belle would be more than enough,
a constant companion without all the fluff.


And Mary Todd Lincoln, who’s known to be wise,
asked for a baby five times her own size.


And while it is said that a dog won’t like cats
the pet that Bear picked was specifically that.

unnamed (1)

Eleanor Roosevelt’s mind was made up
the minute she spotted a little mutt pup.


The pets of Parnassus all shouted Hooray!
They each had a pet by the end of the day,
and then ran to Opie who managed the store
to ask him which pet he liked less and liked more.
But Opie declared they should take their pets home.
The pet he liked best was just being alone.

Opie alone

So come get the Seuss book and come pet our friends
Here at Parnassus, where fun never ends.

* * *

What Pet Should I Get? 

By Dr. Seuss

AVAILABLE NOW — in store and online!
* * *
In deference to Opie, who said no more pets,
We said no to sheep, hedgehogs, babies and cats,
But then we received this sweet earthenware pup,
The best-behaved pet we could ever dream up.
Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 2.09.37 PM
Thank you to our friend Jerri for the very handsome new pet, this lovely clay doggie by artist Kathleen Kelly.