Brad Thor’s Nashville: First Impressions, Favorites, and Fun Facts

photo by John Reilly 2009
(photo by John Reilly)

This time last year, prolific thriller author — and #1 New York Times bestseller –Brad Thor joined a growing trend when he up and moved his household from Chicago to Nashville. As we prepare to celebrate the release of Thor’s 15th book in the Scot Horvath series, Code of Conduct, we thought we’d check and see how he’s settling in.

What’s the biggest difference in your daily life from Chicago to Nashville?
BT: Less stress, much more happiness.

Any Southern customs that have taken a little extra getting used to?
BT: That mac n’ cheese is a “vegetable.”

Best culinary discovery in Tennessee:
BT: Hot chicken!

Go-to spots for…
Morning coffee: Frothy Monkey 12th South
Business lunch: Rooftop deck of ACME Feed & Seed
Celebratory dinner: Mere Bulles
A kid-friendly supper: Sushi Train

Coolest experience in Nashville so far:
BT: Dinner with Dave Ramsey, Lee Greenwood, John Rich, Art Laffer, and their wives. Easily one of the most enjoyable evenings I have ever spent.

First impression of the literary and arts culture here?
BT: Amazing! Everyone reads. I love that. I have also really enjoyed performances at TPAC and the War Memorial Auditorium.

What section do you go to first in a bookstore?
BT: New releases. And then right to fiction.

Books you’ve read and enjoyed lately?
BT: Radiant Angel by Nelson DeMille; You by Caroline Kepnes; Crack 99 by David Locke Hall (out in October)

If you woke up one morning and found that you’d been magically transformed into one of your characters and had to dodge a bad guy before making your move and saving the day, would you hide …

  • A. In the woods at Percy Warner Park
  • B. In a crowd of tourists on Broadway
  • C. Behind dark glasses at a table in the back of the Bluebird Cafe
  • D. Other: ________

BT: Definitely B. It would afford me the most options – and options in a situation like this are everything.

Have your music tastes changed since moving here?
BT: Making friends with so many musicians, I am getting exposed to lots of wonderful music and my tastes are expanding daily. I love it.

How do you feel about the traffic in Nashville?
BT: Traffic? I’m from Chicago. You call this traffic? Bring it on.

Think you’ll stay awhile?
BT: Are you kidding me? We should have gotten down here years ago! The only way I’m leaving Nashville is feet first.

* * *


Meet your new Nashville neighbor, Brad Thor, next Monday, July 13, at 6:15 p.m. This event is part of the Salon@615 series, a unique collaboration among Parnassus Books, Humanities Tennessee, the Nashville Public Library, and the Nashville Public Library Foundation. Get details — including ticket and signing line information — here.

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