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Her Voice, At Last: Authors Madeline Miller and Victoria Schwab Discuss Miller’s New Novel, Circe

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We’ve admired Madeline Miller’s work since she made her debut with the highly acclaimed novel The Song of Achilles. In fact, we loved the spellbinding tale so much that we chose it for our very first Signed First Editions Club selection. As it happens, we were just as blown away by Miller’s second book, Circeso we couldn’t resist picking it as a First Editions Club favorite, too.  Read the rest of this entry »

Monsters and Mankind at War in Victoria Schwab’s Vivid Imagination

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A New York Times-bestselling author, Nashville native, and world traveler who roams the globe to research, write, and promote her books, Victoria Schwab is currently in a phase of her career one might describe as “on fire.” With 11 books under her belt — a mix of adult fantasy, YA, and middle-grade fiction — she seems to have an endless imaginative well from which to draw inspiration. Dark themes abound in her work, perhaps more so than ever in her new novel, This Savage Song.
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