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Faith and Family at a Crossroads: Southernmost by Silas House

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Nashville-based writer Jeff Zentner contributes today’s interview of Silas House, author of the new novel Southernmost.

I’ve been a huge Silas House fan ever since reading his novel Clay’s Quilt on the recommendation of an author friend. Nobody writes the varied landscapes — physical, emotional, and cultural — of the American South quite like he does. From the buzzsaw thrum of cicadas on a stifling summer night, to the gray smell of stones cooled in river water, to the beads of condensation on a pitcher of sweet tea, to a quiet moment of connection between a father and a son, the heart of this place beats in his books. Read the rest of this entry »

Painful, Brave, and Beautiful Things: A Tennessee Coming of Age Story

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The title of Jeff Zentner’s remarkably sensitive debut novel, The Serpent King, is a bit deceptive, suggesting something in the fantasy realm rather than the sometimes tender, sometimes tragic, profoundly affecting portrait of three young friends navigating the slings and arrows of late adolescence in rural Tennessee. Read the rest of this entry »