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Uncomfortable Stories: Matthew Quick Tells Courtney C. Stevens About His New Novel

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Matthew Quick’s The Reason You’re Alive sits up front on the staff-picks shelf at Parnassus — as has every adult book he has written since The Silver Linings Playbook. In this new novel, Quick applies his trademark mix of poignancy and humor to unpack the history of an outspoken Vietnam veteran named David Granger, who’s searching for resolution to some burning questions after undergoing brain surgery. BookPage calls the story a “scorching family drama” and its narrator what you’d get “if Holden Caulfield grew up to be a reflective, even soulful, Archie Bunker.” Read the rest of this entry »

Courtney C. Stevens Writes the “Moments When Life Falls Apart”

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The name Courtney C. Stevens could be familiar to you for any number of reasons. Maybe you loved her last book, Faking Normal. Perhaps you’ve seen her cheerleading for other writers’ books on Twitter or in person here at the store. Maybe you remember her interview in USA Today earlier this year — “What Entrepreneurs and Artists Can Learn from YA Authors” — where she explained her dedication to supporting fellow writers: “If my name ends up on more spines than acknowledgements, [then] I have lived my life incorrectly.” That’s the kind of person she is. Read the rest of this entry »