The “Davis” of Davis-Kidd Gets Back into the Bookstore

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Karen Davis does her best Amy Poehler and says YES PLEASE to spending her holidays as a bookseller.

You could say Parnassus has books in its blood, and not just because it’s owned by a novelist and a publishing veteran. Many of the people connected to this store have been working in the book business for years. Case in point: For the past four holiday seasons, we’ve been joined in December by expert bookseller Karen Davis. That’s Davis as in Davis-Kidd Booksellers, the independent retailer known to Tennessee book lovers for decades. Davis created a piece of Nashville history, and having her with us at this time of year reminds us that we are part of a long bookselling heritage.

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Smart Girls (Funny Ones, Too) at the Book Party

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In her new book, Yes Please, Amy Poehler speaks candidly about comedy, success, failure, marriage, kids, and divorce. She’s equally candid about letting readers know what she won’t talk about (the nitty-gritty details of her family life, for example). Her trademark kindness and humor are ever present, but she neither sugarcoats nor over-salts her memoir of life thus far, and I love that. Read the rest of this entry »