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Katrina Kenison on the Best Friend She Hasn’t Met (Yet), Anna Quindlen

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Anna Quindlen will discuss her new novel, Alternate Side, next Wednesday, March 28, 2018, with fellow author Katrina Kenison, who contributes today’s guest post. 

I have been having a lively conversation in my mind with Anna Quindlen for about 25 years. She’s my wiser, funnier best friend — albeit the one I’ve never actually met. Still, I’m pretty sure if we were neighbors we’d get together to walk our dogs every morning and compare notes on what’s going on in the world, what we’re making for dinner, and what we’re reading and thinking and worrying about. (I’m also pretty sure every other Anna Quindlen fan feels exactly the same way I do. To read Anna Quindlen is to wish she lived next door.) Read the rest of this entry »