Anything Books Can Do, Shop Dogs Can Do Better

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gracie welcome

Good day. I’m Gracie Coffman. If you’ll pardon me for speaking frankly, I’d like to point out that visitors to our shop have been spending an awful lot of time fawning over books. This book, that book, another book . . . one rectangle after another. We understand, of course. Books have a certain appeal — they smell nice, and some of them are shiny. But perhaps you’ve forgotten how scintillating your canine hosts and hostesses are? I suggest you turn your attention floorward, because this place has so much more to offer than what’s on the shelves. In fact, anything you might enjoy about a book, you can enjoy even more about a shop dog. Allow me to elaborate —  Read the rest of this entry »

Reading Our Way into Spring

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march reads

This is how the first month of spring goes in Nashville: One day, the sun has everybody peeling off their jackets and toasting themselves in the welcome warmth. The next, we’re standing at the store window watching sleet turn to ice in the parking lot, cursing our wicked cases of spring fever. On days like those, at least we’re surrounded by great things to read. Here are a few of our favorites. Read the rest of this entry »

Bottled Poetry: How to Pair Wine with Books

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Dan the Man

“If experience in wine retail has taught me anything,” says Dan Hutchinson, general manager of The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills, “it’s that book clubs might just be an excuse to get together with friends and have a glass or two with some conversation in between.”

Can’t argue with him there. Read the rest of this entry »

Reading (and Writing) Through Fear

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Claire Cameron - photo by Nancy Friedland

Claire Cameron, photo by Nancy Friedland

In 1991, at Algonquin Park in Ontario, a couple camping overnight were attacked and partially eaten by a black bear. The incident was so unusual, so disturbing, that it captivated local attention. It also captured the imagination of Claire Cameron, who was working as a canoe guide in the park that year.  Read the rest of this entry »

Matthew Quick Puts on the “Mask of Fiction” Again

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Matthew Quick photo by Alicia Bessette

Matthew Quick creates characters to whom we might not expect to relate. Often marked as “crazy” by those around them, his oddball protagonists (think Pat Peoples in The Silver Linings Playbook) say out loud – and act upon – thoughts many of us have had, if perhaps kept inside.

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A Manager’s Work Is Never Done

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Opie: The Dog, The Legend

Hello. I’m Opie Brennan, manager of Parnassus Books. (Technically, I’m the dog of the manager of Parnassus Books; but let’s not dwell on semantics.) As a leader on the shop team, I play a very important role in daily operations. Here, you can see I’m organizing a batch of special orders for customers. I love helping someone hunt down a hard-to-find book. What else do I do all day? Here’s the rundown: Read the rest of this entry »