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When we’re not selling books or stacking books or talking about books, we’re reading books. (Because we’re very multi-faceted people.) Here’s what your friendly neighborhood booksellers are loving right now. Read the rest of this entry »

Why YA? David Arnold Explains How He Found His Voice and His Readers

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One of our favorite questions to ask an author is, why this and not that? Why short stories instead of novels? Why poetry, not prose? Why nonfiction? Why a blog? For readers (as well as fellow writers), it can be fun to trace an author’s path to the style and format that becomes their signature. Read the rest of this entry »

Renée Watson on the Stories She Loved, the Books She’s Reading, and the Poems She May Write One Day

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Meet Renée Watson, author of This Side of Home, the latest pick for our Young Adult Signed First Editions Club. She’s the creator of characters such as Maya Younger, a high school senior coming into her own as an adult and coping with changes in her community, her school, and her friendships. Stephanie Appell, our manager of books for young readers, selected this book for the club and describes it like this: “Maya is so proud of who she is and where she’s from, and she so desperately wants to do the right thing, but as the people and places around her change, she struggles to know what the right thing is.” Sounds like adolescence, doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry »

Shop Dogs Discover Animal Videos, Get Hooked on Internet

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Hi, it’s me, Bear, and my friend, Belle. Most of the time, we shop dogs are hard at work in the store — counting books, inhaling the scent of our customers’ shoes, and checking under the children’s shelves for stray popcorn. Occasionally, we also like to hop online and click around to see what’s happening in the publishing world, and when we do, well . . . we’ve been known to get sidetracked. Who knew the other creatures of the world were so talented? For example, we’re fascinated by this pair of hamsters on a date.

Read the rest of this entry »

Dispatches from Oxford: Yashwina Interviews Samantha Shannon

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Bestselling author Samantha Shannon (left); our once (and future?) bookseller Yashwina Canter (right)

Remember Yashwina? She was the youngest bookseller on our staff until last year, when she up and left us to go off to college in England. We are delighted to report that she’s fitting right in at Oxford, making lots of friends, and, of course, working very hard. (“I finished my first exams, and I didn’t die,” she says.) As usual, she still finds time to squeeze in some fun-reading whenever she can, including the latest from Samantha Shannon — the young literary star who graduated from Oxford just a year before Yashwina got there. Read the rest of this entry »

Books After Our Own Hearts

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What’s love got to do with our latest staff picks? Very little, in some cases. Our booksellers only had one rule in making their picks for February: use the word “love” somewhere in each recommendation. We didn’t say it had to be a love story… just that they had to love it. Here’s what everyone came up with. Read the rest of this entry »

The Contemporary Whodunnit: How the Authors of Three New Thrillers Keep Us Hooked

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You know how good books can make you feel like you’re someone else? You get so inside the mind of a character that when that character is amused, you laugh; when they witness something sad, you cry; when they’re scared, you look over your shoulder. And when a character goes on a hunt for answers to a horrible crime, you stay up late, turning page after page in the search for a culprit. (All the thrills of a manhunt, all the comfort of pajamas and a warm bed.) Read the rest of this entry »