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Summertime, and the Reading Is Excellent

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Summer is a great season to be a bibliophile, because it’s considered a totally normal activity to sit in a beach/pool/lawn/whatever chair and plow through books one after the other. (Speaking of which, check out Zadie Smith’s fantastic What It Means to Be Addicted to Reading: “The beach is one of the few places pathological readers can pass undetected among their civilian cousins.”) In addition to Ann’s current favorites, here’s what our staff is reading and loving right now. Read the rest of this entry »

What to Give the Graduate: 18 Books We Love

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When selecting a gift for someone who’s graduating from school and moving on to the next step in life, it’s important to balance your envy (oh, to be just starting out!) with your relief (thank goodness I’m not just starting out!) with your bossiness (I should probably tell this person everything they need to know about just starting out!). A great way to do that is to tape your mouth shut and hand over a wonderful book. Let it do the talking for you.  Read the rest of this entry »

25 Books Almost as Rad as Your Dad

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dad is rad

For the man who who sat patiently by your side as you sounded out that Dr. Seuss book for the 37th time, the guy who taught you to drive, the man you’ve had your differences with but still visit at least once a year, the grandfather who sneaked you candy before dinner, the stepdad who made your family complete, and the father figure, uncle, best friend, or mentor — here are a few can’t-go-wrong gifts for Father’s Day. Read the rest of this entry »

A Basketful of Great Reads

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put the book in my basket

What to toss in your to-read basket? Well, it’s still April, and that means it’s National Poetry Month, so there’s plenty of poetry among this month’s recommendations. (Prose people, don’t fret — you’ll also find brilliant short stories, sexy novels, hilarious non-fiction, and more.) Read the rest of this entry »

Reading Our Way into Spring

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march reads

This is how the first month of spring goes in Nashville: One day, the sun has everybody peeling off their jackets and toasting themselves in the welcome warmth. The next, we’re standing at the store window watching sleet turn to ice in the parking lot, cursing our wicked cases of spring fever. On days like those, at least we’re surrounded by great things to read. Here are a few of our favorites. Read the rest of this entry »

The Love List

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For February, our staff was given a theme — love — and invited to interpret it as loosely as they wished in making their recommendations. Boy, did they take that word and run with it… Behold a wild assortment of “love”-inspired picks. (Cynics, don’t let the picture fool you: This list goes way beyond just romance.) Read the rest of this entry »

Starting Anew: What We’re Reading Now

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Staff Picks

New year, new additions to the must-read stack. Here are the books that have captured our booksellers’ attention at the beginning of 2014. (Note that many of them have been around quite some time. But if you’ve never read it, it might as well be new, right?)

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