Brené Brown Rises Strong (Even After a Late Flight)

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rising strong at marathon
Just one side of a bar full of books Brené Brown signed at Marathon Music Works

Don’t let anyone say Brené Brown can’t multi-task. This past weekend, we witnessed some serious grace under pressure. The tour for her new book, Rising Strong, was coming to Nashville for Rising Strong Day, presented at Marathon Music Works by Penguin Random House and O, the Oprah Magazine. More than 750 people were signed up to hear Brown discuss the value of vulnerability and self-awareness with messages like this, from the book: Read the rest of this entry »

Book Blogging, Indie Style

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blogging station

Have you spotted the #AtMyBookstore hashtag online this week? If you have, you’re seeing a campaign dreamed up by Nicole Brinkley of YA Interrobang, a site where YA bloggers gather to discuss the books they love. The idea? To get book bloggers out from behind the screen for a moment and into local bookstores to browse books in real life. As Brinkley wrote: Read the rest of this entry »

Why We Can’t Stop Talking about Fishbowl, the New Novel by Bradley Somer

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photo via UNSPLASH by Edgaras Maselskis

Need a pick-me-up? With his new novel Fishbowl, Bradley Somer has created a fun, engaging ensemble story; so it seems only fitting that we should bring in one of our favorite community partners, The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills, to turn Somer’s upcoming Nashville visit into a party. Join the fun of our Wine with the Author series this Wednesday, August 12, at 6:30 p.m. at Parnassus. Read the rest of this entry »

Under the Stars: 10 Favorite YA Novels

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FullSizeRender 20

It’s time to wrap up this Under the Stars series on great books for kids, so let’s highlight some awesome young adult titles for teens (as well as adults who love YA). We asked our manager of books for young readers, Stephanie Appell, to tell us about her favorites. This is what she said: Read the rest of this entry »

Summer’s Not Over — Keep Right on Reading and Relaxing

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Do not despair. Despite all those back-to-school flyers about pencils and backpacks, summer is nowhere near over. (At least not for grownups, right?) It’s August! The sun’s out, the days are long, and every week brings a new crop of fantastic new releases in your neighborhood bookstore. So plant yourself defiantly in a hammock and insist on what’s yours: one more month of leisurely reading time. Reality can wait its turn. Read the rest of this entry »

Paula McLain on the Appeal of “Hedonism, Recklessness, and Misbehavior”

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Paula McLain gets into Beryl Markham's frame of mind (and into a bi-plane -- the Gypsy Moth, which was used in the filming of Out of Africa). Photo by Liz Wheeler.
Paula McLain gets into Beryl Markham’s frame of mind — and into a bi-plane (the Gypsy Moth, which was used in the filming of Out of Africa). Photo by Liz Wheeler.

Summer feels like the perfect time to wallow in an epic adventure, a sweeping romance, a riveting history with bold characters and juicy plot. What a treat it is when they’re all the same book. Several staff members at Parnassus passed around (the more accurate term would be “fought over,” but whatever) a manuscript of Paula McLain’s Circling the Sun back in the spring to prepare for selling it this summer. In a rare consensus, we all loved it. You’ll like it, too, if: Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Seuss Asks, Shop Dogs Answer: “What Pet Should I Get?”

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puppy booty
Please join Sparky, Opie, Bear, Belle, and Eleanor Roosevelt in welcoming the newest addition to our shop dog workforce: Mary Todd Lincoln Coffman

We, the shop dogs of Parnassus Books, have something to say. Inspired by today’s new book release, we shall now speak our truth in the style of Dr. Seuss.* Read the rest of this entry »