If you’re here, you must have heard of a little independent bookstore in Nashville called Parnassus Books, owned by Karen Hayes and author Ann Patchett. (No? Then, please, let us introduce you.)


At Parnassus, one of the things we enjoy most is the conversation our shop makes possible. Whether it’s two strangers becoming new friends over a table of paperbacks, a healthy debate springing up between customers in the checkout line, or a lifelong fan meeting an author for the first time at a signing, these connections have some common elements at their core: an intelligent curiosity, a sense of joy and fun, and a love of books.

Why put our own content online? Because just as our shop is a hub for book lovers, the Internet is a gathering place. We have access to so much here! Great books line our shelves, and amazing authors come through these doors. Neat people work and shop in this place. Here on Musing, we open that access up to a wider audience. We collect and share interesting tidbits and original content that you’ll want to talk about and pass along: behind-the-scenes interviews with fascinating people, profiles, lists, gift guides, and lighthearted takes on the bookish life.

To use a music analogy (this is Nashville, after all): If the store were an album, this site would be the B-side — extras, bootlegs, outtakes, and bonus tracks.

In Greek mythology, Mount Parnassus was home to the muses, the goddesses of inspiration for literature and the arts. Musing is one way we share what inspires us at Parnassus Books. It’s where we showcase Ann Patchett’s blog, plus lots of other exclusive features and contributions from great authors and our own staff, all produced by our editor-and-muse-in-chief Mary Laura Philpott. You might call it a “laid-back literary journal” (we do). Whatever you call it, here it is.

For more about our shop and a calendar of upcoming events or to get in touch with our staff  come click around. Better yet, stop by in person. We’d love to meet you.