What It’s Like to Experience Kevin Wilson’s New Novel, Perfect Little World

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Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 2.52.58 PM.pngIt’s like this combination of experiences. ^

We’ve heard from lots of readers that they’re a little out of sorts, book-wise. What used to thrill them now doesn’t, and when they start a book they thought they’d love, they end up putting it down. (We understand. It’s a strange time, and people have a lot on their minds.) To anyone in that boat, we say: try Kevin Wilson’s new book, Perfect Little World.

Read an excerpt and a review of Perfect Little World at Chapter 16.

Wilson’s second novel tells the story of a bright, independent-minded young woman who gets pregnant with her teacher’s baby just as she’s graduating high school, suddenly on her own and faced with making decisions for her future. That’s when she meets Dr. Grind, a psychologist who invites her to join a group living experiment called the Infinite Family Project.  As Ann Patchett wrote, “What I love about this book is that it’s full of good people and all their good intentions. That doesn’t mean everything works out, but you can’t help but think, Oh, what if it could?”

Readers often describe Wilson’s fiction as quirky. If you liked The Family Fang, you’ll probably enjoy his writing again here; but this story is different enough that even if you weren’t wild about The Family Fang, you might fall in love with it. It’s a sweet, light read that asks substantial questions about nature-versus-nurture and the many ways to make a family. Local readers will also enjoy spotting references to places around the state (including this store). In short: it’s a fun, refreshing charmer.

Sometimes you want a book that’ll give you a good cry — or one that will bring you joy, scare you, or keep you up way too late. But other times, you just don’t know what you want. In that case, Perfect Little World might be the perfect little read for you.

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