Shop Indie, Save the World (Or at Least Your Corner of It)

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Hey, we get it. The holidays — joyful and special as they are — often feel chaotic. The good news is that we’re dedicated to making it easier and more fun for you to find gifts for everyone on your list. The even better news is that when you visit independent shops like Parnassus this season, not only will you make the holidays happier for you and yours, but you’ll touch lives throughout your whole community. How does shopping local make such a difference? Take a look . . .

There you are, ready to do some holiday shopping for your friends and family. Hurray for you, because you want to give them something wonderful — BOOKS! Now you have a choice to make: order from a big-box retailer or shop from an independent store. The truth is, whichever way you choose, you get books.
But while big online retailers like Amazon just take your money out of the community, local shops fuel your city and state. Consider this: In 2015 in Tennessee alone, Amazon sold $1.06 billion worth of retail goods statewide. Nationwide, it sold $55.6 billion — all while avoiding $704 million in sales taxes. The cost of lost sales taxes falls equally on state and local governments, which means you get less of what taxes pay for (schools, roads, police, and other public services). Shop local, and your sales tax goes right back into your community!
Shopping locally creates more local wealth and jobs for your neighbors. The money you spend in a local shop gets spent by the shop on other local suppliers and by the shop’s employees on local goods and services. That’s called “revenue recirculation.” With chain retailers, the local revenue recirculation is only 13.6% — whereas with independent retailers, local revenue recirculation is 48%! That’s more than three times as much pie on this pie chart.
And who doesn’t want MORE PIE?
Not only is shopping local good for the environment (less packaging, less transport of goods required, smaller carbon footprint), it’s good for the soul! No algorithm could ever replicate the friendly, knowledgable staff and local owners at your indie shop. We love nothing more than finding out what you and your loved ones like, then recommending books to suit your tastes perfectly. Plus, we have shop dogs, who excel at snuggling. Can you snuggle a cardboard box? Sure, but it’s unpleasant.
Do you like meeting the people who write your favorite books? The book-signing events that happen here are planned and sponsored by this store. If you don’t buy the author’s books here, publishers have no incentive to send us more authors, and the events dry up. But if publishers see that you’re buying books here, they’ll keep sending great authors to Nashville on book tour — and you’ll have SO MUCH FUN to look forward to!
Now here’s the really wonderful part: Having lots of thriving local businesses means that the decisions in your business and civic community are being made by locals — people who have your city’s best interests at heart and care about local problems. Fact: Local businesses donate to local charities at more than twice the rate of national chains. So when you buy a book, you might also be providing food for the hungry, providing a second chance for an animal, or pitching in to help someone learn to read.
In short: When you shop indie, you make the world better. Doesn’t that feel great?

(Sources: “Amazon and Empty Storefronts,” a study by Civic Economics; American Independent Business Alliance; Institute for Local Self-Reliance; IndieBound)

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We’re thankful for you, and we’re here for you all holiday season, starting right now.

Saturday, November 26, 2016
Small Business Saturday & #IndieNashGiving
Meet local authors serving as celebrity booksellers and gift-wrappers all day!
PLUS: Along with many Nashville-owned establishments, we’re supporting local citizens in need. 10% of every purchase you make on Saturday goes to charity: 5% to Conexión Américas and 5% to Nashville Adult Literacy Council.

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