When a Good Cry-Read Is the Only Thing That’ll Do

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(image via Lit Hub)

It’s a strange but important part of the job: recommending sad things. As booksellers, we want you to read the most wonderful books, and sometimes, the most wonderful books happen to be, well . . . downers. Brilliant, captivating, thought-provoking downers.

If you’ve been known to enjoy a book that makes you stare out the window in despair from time to time, we hope you’ll take a look at a piece running today at one of our media partners, Lit Hub, written by Parnassus bookseller Lindsay Lynch. The topic occurred to her at the store recently. “The other day a woman walked up to the counter holding a copy of Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air. ‘Will this make me cry?’ she asked me. I told her: yes, it will. I insisted she buy it anyway.”

Lindsay goes on:

Lindsay staff“[Sometimes] my book recommendations come with something akin to a surgeon’s warning: Do not operate heavy machinery within 24 hours of reading this book. Stop reading if experiencing symptoms of existential turmoil, sadness, etc. May cause dizziness, anxiety, angst, questioning of one’s life choices.”

Can you relate? Read the full piece on Lit Hub: Sad Books That Will Rip Your Soul to Pieces. And if you need a good cathartic sob, click below to get your own copy of these it-feels-so-good-to-feel-so-bad books.