‘Twas the Day Before Christmas

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‘Twas the day before Christmas
and all through the store
all the creatures were stirring
(except Opie, who snored)

Fresh books were displayed
on the front shelf with care
just waiting for customers
who soon would be there

The fiction was nestled
all safe in its section
while nonfiction titles
made quite the collection

And Andy in his button-down
and Tristan in his shorts,
Karen, Grace, Sissy, Niki
and Miriam, of course

Mythili, Ashton, and Nathan
Bill, Steph, Mary Grey,
Lindsay and Margy
were ready for the day

And Catherine and Kathy
And Sarah and Pete,
Karen Davis and Ginger
Stood eager to greet

When doors opened at 10
the staff began to skitter;
Mary Laura got online
and tweeted on Twitter

Then out on the sidewalk
there arose such a noise —
The customers were here!
Gents, ladies, girls, boys!

They came for the cookbooks,
The mysteries, too
The art books, the novels,
Tales made-up and true

We stacked them,
We wrapped them,
We tied them with bows
With a wink to our store sloth
and his little red nose

The line to the checkout
Wrapped well ’round the store
But the friendly store pooches
Charmed with antics galore

On Sparky! On Opie!
On Gracie and Bear!
On Eleanor Roosevelt,
All the pups who are there!

To the kids’ room, the train table
The shelves of YA
The music books, humor
And lots of essays

(Our patron saint Ann
was off writing new text
So we’d have some more
of her books to sell next.)

We’ll close at 3:30
to go home to our own
But we’re back on the 27th —
There’s no need to groan!

So to all of our customers
and our friends, let us say:
Happy holidays to all
And to all a good day!

* * *

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