In Case You Missed It: Ann on NPR Fresh Air

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Yesterday, Ann’s interview with Terry Gross aired on NPR. Click over to read excerpts or listen to audio of the entire conversation. Here’s just one little snippet:

“Bookstores — and I think this is true for so many writers and, obviously, all readers — they’re home. It’s the place that you go and you feel comfortable. I never go into a bookstore and feel like, “Oh, I have to buy something.” It’s not like a dress store where someone is watching me and I think, “Oh, I’ve tried on 20 things I really need to buy something.”

You can pick up 20 books and you can talk to the booksellers for two hours; you can just sit in a chair and read. It’s not about “I’m going to buy a book,” although, yes, I hope everybody goes into their bookstores and buys books. …

I’m never lonely when I’m around books. It’s the world of endless possibility and opportunity to be in that building full of books.”

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